Giardino Ascona


The small Ayurvedic team at Giardino Ascona is led by Dr. Daniel Borer, and is committed to giving a comprehensive, complete and individualized treatment through working in tandem together, for each guest. Through the tradition of ancient Ayurveda, they've adopted its principles to local needs through implementing Western standards as a way to bring about a deep inner feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Like traditional Ayurveda, Giardino Ascona adheres to a diet of detoxification and easy assimilation; however, they choose to use locally sourced foods and herbs for this purpose, rather than relying on importing of Indian product.

As for treatments to stimulate the body's self-healing capacity and ability for regeneration, the traditional methods are applied. Through a prior consultation and Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis your regime is outlined for the duration of your stay whether you choose an individual Ayurveda session or a prescribed treatment package. You can opt for the three day "Introduction to Ayurveda", or their six day "Eliminate Sleep Disorders" package, to the traditional fourteen day "Panchakarma Cure", and everything in between, all offering tailored therapeutic treatments. Do keep in mind though, that each package is offered only at certain times of the year, so do check their website for those times.

As part of the Giardiono chain of hotels, the Ascona location is found in the Ticino countryside. This five-star hotel is nestled in luxurious gardens that rest on the lakeshore; and the hotel prides itself on its motto that "Life is either easy here or it is made easy". In addition to a coy pond set within the gardens, the 51 room (plus 18 suites) hotel has three restaurants, two outdoor terraces, both an indoor and outdoor pool, and much more.

Ayurvedic guests do receive a small discount on their hotel accommodation, so do enquire about that when you make your booking. Like your Ayurvedic treatments, the rooms are made with natural woods and meant to feel fresh and light and bright, enhanced with colours to match all seasons.

Believing in holistic wellbeing, the Ayurvedic team is most pleased when guests have a take-home practice in place, for a sustainable healthy lifestyle at home. No matter your choice of treatment, you'll leave Giardino Ascona relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a plan for a healthy lifestyle ahead.

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Ayurveda offer
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Massages/rejuvenation/wellness
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa/Cosmetics
  • Sports/Gym
  • Meditation
  • TV
  • Internet/WLAN
  • Laundry Service
  • Nature
  • Western
  • Individual diet
  • Single
  • Double
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  • Upscale
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