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Our approach

1. What we do at ayurvedafinder

Our approach is to research and identify the best ayurveda centers in the world and to present them to our users.

The selection is chosen by profound research, direct interviews with the centers, personal experiences and word-of-mouth. Our content is constantly updated and we remain in permanent contact with all of the centers.

There are certainly other wonderful places that we may not have discovered yet; if yours is one of such centers, However, it is very important that our approach remains objective and continues the pursuit of building a solid ayurveda community.

2. Our process

Our process includes extensive internet research, a standard questionnaire to each center, a telephone interview, and whenever possible, we visit or use feedback from visitors to accurately assess the ayurveda center.

3. Ayurvedafinder: our request model for personal assistance

Do you seek help to find the perfect ayurveda center or holiday?

Would you like us to recommend a center based on your personal desires?

We offer personalized assistance to find the right place for you. Please

Kindly consult your physician about your specific health care concerns before starting an ayurveda treatment. We cannot provide any diagnosis nor advise any individual treatment plans.

4. Three categories of centers

There are three different categories of centers:

4.1. Top ayurveda centers worldwide

These centers are among the the top in the world per our selection and are portrayed extensively on our website. Reviews consist of an editorial text written by us and photography provided by the center. All these centers offer treatments under the surveillance of an ayurvedic doctor and a minimum of a two-week panchakarma treatment.

4.2. Selected ayurveda centers worldwide

4.3. Other centers

Some centers have not been chosen to be on our website but are shortlisted and internally regularly revisited. Additionally, there are ayurveda centers which we have just not discovered yet. Please if you like to suggest a new ayurveda center for our review process.

5. Want to learn more about ayurveda?

Please visit our page About Ayurveda to learn more about this topic. This section outlines the basic information on ayurveda and the details of each treatment.

6. About us

We are not ayurveda doctors or practitioners trying to sell a treatment; instead, we are ayurveda consumers just like you. We feel this website will provide value for others as it simplifies the process to finding ayurveda treatment. It is our belief that ayurveda is an important piece to holistic health and has wonderful benefits, especially in today’s stressful world.

7. Contact us!

We love to be in touch with you:

Are you the owner of an ayurveda center or know of a great place that is not yet on our list?

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