Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa


Situated on the South coast of the beautiful Mauritius Island, Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa is definitely a ‘postcard – perfect’ piece of paradise. This stunning 5-star luxury resort is situated near the town of Saint Félix which is just a short 35 kilometres ride from the airport. Easy accessibility aside, your stay at the resort is bound to tantalise all of your senses in every way. The scenic view of opulent white beaches, a menu of delicious food, and the calming sound of the Indian Ocean coupled with the right mix of Yoga and Ayurveda has earned this resort its own share of loyal fans and guests, many leaving as friends and returning as family.

Shanti Maurice has a few special offers for the discerning traveller which include celebrating your honeymoon or wedding anniversaries, teeing off at the 18-hole Avalon Golf Estate or connecting with your internal bliss with Yoga retreats all year round.

The India-Mauritius link is found in the fact that the majority of people in the Mauritian population have Indian roots. Therefore, the bond to Indian spiritual practices such as Yoga and Meditation is undeniable. Shanti Maurice specifically promotes this connection through their Shanti Yoga Retreat which offers authentic teachings at a pace that’s most comfortable for you.

To soak in the complete calm of the ocean vibe along with Yoga, you can choose from a 5 day or 7 day Yoga retreat. The specialty of this retreat is their ability to accommodate traditional Yoga practices and personalize them for you. So, if you’re concerned that you’re not too flexible or aren’t sure if you’d like the practice, you have little to worry about, as you’ll be in the care of Yoga experts.

Shanti Maurice’s Yoga Masters are schooled thoroughly in the traditions of Yoga and Meditation in both India and Mauritius. They have the right blend of traditional body and mind sciences, translating them effectively for the modern practitioner. These Masters are well versed in all aspects of a Yogic lifestyle such as. If it is your intent to create a positive lifestyle, then there’s no better opportunity than exploring this at the Shanti Yoga Retreat.

If Yoga and Meditation have already piqued your interest, the retreat includes another generous opportunity to explore Ayurveda as well. The science of Ayurveda explains to us that each body is classified within one of 3 doshas (elements/energies) and understanding our individual dosha is the first step to cultivating body-mind harmony. Your very first step into Shanti Yoga Retreat will be a wellness consultation with the resident Ayurvedic Doctor. This consultation will reveal your dosha and also recommends a specific wellness plan consisting of Yoga, Meditation and spa treatments over the course of the retreat.

Ayurveda and Yoga being sister sciences encourage the cultivation of the quality of Sattva. Roughly translated, Sattva is associated with purity, light and harmony. A harmonious life is when you’re in touch with your own internal rhythm which syncs perfectly with that of a world. This balance can be achieved on many levels and the first step is to nourish our body correctly through Sattvic foods.

The chefs at Shanti Maurice will dish up some delicious and wholesome Sattvic food to balance your individual dosha. Keeping in mind that health and relaxation are key, you’ll be spoilt with choice with the wide variety of locally sourced fresh ingredients on your plate.

Indulge and dive deep into daily Yoga and Meditation classes where you will be lead through Yoga postures, breathing exercises and much more. The scenic surroundings, the laid-back beach vibe and the thriving tropical location make the perfect moment to enjoy these practices on the beach. The ocean waves gently lapping the shores make for the perfect background score as you dive deeper into the workings of your mind. The main aim of the Shanti Maurice Yoga Retreat is to not only introduce you to a Yoga and Meditation practice but to ensure that you incorporate these practices into your daily life. There are also daily lifestyle workshops where the Yoga Masters will coach you on your lifestyle-related queries.

The Shanti Yoga Retreat’s daily 60-minute spa treatment is the perfect luxury add-on. The Shanti Spa is touted as one of the best and largest Spa's in all of the Indian Ocean, offering a variety of Ayurvedic spa treatments. Indulge in daily massages, facial treatments and much more as the list of their services are exclusively extensive.

The tranquil setting of this scenic resort is just one of the many qualities that make experiencing Yoga and Meditation bliss in this location completely worthwhile. Explore the local region around Shanti Maurice through nature treks, long walks on the beach and outdoor water activities.

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Ayurveda offer
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Massages/rejuvenation/wellness
  • Tours
  • Swimming pool
  • Meditation
  • Shop
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Café
  • Spa/Cosmetics
  • Sports/Gym
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  • Beach
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Price category
  • Upscale
What we love
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation classes that are led by experienced Yoga Masters
  • Wellness private consultation by an Ayurvedic doctor
  • Personalised attention and individual Yoga and Meditation programs
  • Scenic Ocean view that greets you every morning.
What to know
  • Availability of Sattvic meals and drinks at the resort's signature restaurant, Stars. Allows one to fully detox while on the retreat
  • Sattvic cooking classes for those interested in integrating these ways into their daily life.
  • Specially designed wellness menu that’s complementary to the retreat.
  • Airport picks up and drops included in the retreat itinerary.
Why go
  • Detox, destress and also learn Yoga postures and meditation techniques to incorporate into your daily life.
  • Spa treatments from one of the most popular spa’s in the Indian Ocean
  • Nature hikes and exploring the closest town of Saint Félix
  • A good combination of the perfect location, Yoga & Meditation and relaxation.
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