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Ayurveda Dolomites is a newcomer to our list and so far we are delighted about the service and honest work of the Kohler family. Let us know your feedback about this destination!

Just a few days are needed before you’ll settle right in to the healing atmosphere at Ayurveda Dolomites. The mountains, the trees, and the care of the staff are all the right ingredients for making any guest soon feel better in both body and mind. The Hotel Engel is home to Ayurveda Dolomites, and it’s set in the very heart of northern Italy’s countryside. There is no doubt that the first few days will melt you into the harmony of the atmosphere here; it’s an experience of ease, and one of letting go of the day-to-day for a while, all for the purpose of rejuvenation.

Your private room will be spacious, beautifully elegant, and having its own balcony with views of the mountains. The experience of quiet and reflection is encouraged here, but not to the exclusion of connecting with others should you wish. The point being rest, relax, recover and be at peace. The food is prepared by Chef Theodor Falser who is dedicated to ingredients made in-house, such as Ghee and Garam Masala, as well as local herbs, and products from the region. His cooking is fresh, delightful and nourishing. The hotel is immaculate and the atmosphere clean and fresh. Feel free to relax by the pool, or lounge on the patio of your own private room. A welcoming spa is available in the hotel, however those visiting for Ayurvedic treatment are encouraged to remain true to their personalized program of treatment as the best path for full physical and mental benefit from this cleansing and detoxifying process.

Guests very often arrive at Ayurveda Dolomite feeling burnt out, with a general sense of no longer coping with the balance of everyday life. Many have digestive issues, others have poor quality of sleep, or carry an inner restlessness. Women arrive seeking treatment for symptoms of menopause or hormonal imbalance; and all guests are in special care here. Dr. Mishra is the Ayurvedic Physician, having a wealth of knowledge in treating such imbalances, and a rich background in the tradition, he oversees the competent and experienced therapists at Ayurveda Dolomites.

Born and raised in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Mishra is considered one of India’s masters in pulse diagnostics and has brought his intuitive understanding of the Ayurvedic science to students internationally. His specialty in Panchakarma and Ayur Yoga Breathing techniques means he leads a fine team of therapists all of whom have a dedicated education and background to Ayurveda. All ointments, oils, herbal teas and nutritional supplements used in any treatment are produced by the local Pharmacist, who also brings extensive knowledge of healing modalities, making him a great fit in tandem with the work done in treatment. You will meet with Dr. Mishra who will personalize a program for you after the first consultation, and you will soon feel the benefits begin. “Through a targeted diet, treatments perfectly adapted to each individual and the Ayur Yoga practiced by Dr. Mishra, we are able to lead people on the right path and to successfully improve health weaknesses and pathologies.”

The aim of Ayurveda Dolomites is more than obvious: to make people happy again through a healthy diet adapted to the doshas, appropriate therapies and above all the Ayur Yoga of Dr Mishra. You learn to observe yourself, to feel your body and to switch on mentally.

After her own Ayurvedic training and her passion for the value of Ayurveda, Carmen Kohler, the Proprietor of the hotel, is the reason for the authenticity and sincerity of heart offered at Ayurveda Dolomites. Her respect for Dr. Mishra is readily apparent, and in her own words describing him: “Dr. Mishra is an enrichment for our house. His great knowledge and his many years of experience means that people place their complete trust in him and us, which in turn is the basis for successful treatment and therapy procedures with very good results.”. Carmen Kohler does not credit themselves as “healers”, they’re simply passionate about the immense value of work on the prevention level; providing emphasis on strengthening the immune system and supporting convalescence: “We do not treat sick people, this means we do not cure cancer or psoriasis, and we explain this to our guests on first contact. We work on a subtle level of the immune system and the psyche - it is important to strengthen these two through nutrition, treatments and again Ayur-Yoga providing space for the patient to feel better with new willpower”.

In her own words, Carmen recalls her purpose for creating Ayurveda Dolomites at the hotel: “I was aware that you will not change the world, but you can make a big difference in your small environment - create a small oasis, so to speak - where these values can be lived and people can be helped who are open for it”. Ayurveda Dolomites is a definite must visit!

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Ayurveda offer
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Massages/rejuvenation/wellness
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa/Cosmetics
  • Meditation
  • TV
  • Laundry Service
  • Internet/WLAN
  • Airport Transfer
  • Nature
  • Mountains
  • Individual diet
  • Organic
  • Single
Price category
  • Upscale
What we love
  • The genuine care from all staff and therapists. The sincere quality of care dedicated to each guest's requirement. The clean pristine atmosphere. Stay one day to three weeks.
What to know
  • Every guest is warmly welcomed. The high standard of care, and wealth of knowledge. Commitment to the rejuvenation of Ayurveda rather than simply being a resort spa.
Why go
  • To truly have space to rest, recharge, let go of daily life for a while and tend to your wellbeing. The quiet space and privacy to do so here, is encouraged. The wide range of Ayurvedic treatments offered means there is something just for you.
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