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Love and compassion are Amma’s twin messages and it’s almost-tangible that the Amrita Ayurveda Hospital is being run according to this philosophy by a staff of highly skilled professors, doctors, therapists, and managers.
As one of the largest private ayurvedic hospitals in India, the hospital offers an extensive range of classical and specialty treatments in modern facilities by experts in their respective fields.

The Amrita Ayurveda hospital is built on the sacred grounds of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s birthplace right next to the Amritapuri Ashram, one of the rare ashrams these days where the guru resides and is accessible as a guiding light to devotees from around the world. This atmosphere of selfless love and service is palpable at the hospital, too. Receiving ayurveda treatments here allows the patients a period of deep reflection, personal spiritual search and understanding of the implementations of spiritual teachings into daily life. The serene atmosphere of the Amrita Ayurveda Hospital and the 24-7 care makes this a haven for patients recuperating from serious illness.

Physicians on site (twelve Professors and four Doctors) are specialized in particular fields and they have designated consultation times on certain days of the week: a specialist for diabetes is on duty on Mondays, a doctor for ano-rectal diseases on Tuesdays, consultation on obesity is provided for on Wednesdays, experts on infertility therapy are available on Thursdays, marma and joint disorders adepts on Fridays, and skin disorder consultations take place on Saturdays.

Complete medical check ups provided throughout the week and further care units at the hospital include psycho-somatic and psychiatric Illness care, de-addiction treatments, natal care (pre/and post), gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, chronic disease, nervous and metabolic disorder therapies.

The 220-bed hospital is equipped with leading-edge facilities, including two operating theatres and x-ray facilities. It also operates an outpatient clinic, which provides panchakarma treatment, for example to visitors of the ashram.

Accommodation at the hospital is provided in spacious single or double AC and non/AC rooms and suites with stunning views of the backwaters and lush, green landscape. Family suites are available, too.

As another option, visitors can also choose to stay at the Amritapuri ashram. Private rooms are arranged for couples, while single travelers are given dormitory accommodation. Rooms at the ashram are very simple, typically with mattresses on the floor and an attached bathroom and shower. Staying at the ashram can surely bare a lesson of maintaining inner reflection admidst the tumult and intensity of a big ashram! It is also possible to book treatments at “Amma’s Ayurvedic Visuddhi Clinic” a smaller facility located within the ashram itself. The doctors and caregivers here are all monastic disciples of Amma and offering treatment is their selfless service.

Prices for treatments and accommodation are very low. The ashram charges around 3EUR per day and prices at the hospital vary between 7 EUR (single room) and 30 EUR (family suite). A 7-week panchakarma treatment costs around 900 EUR not including any prescribed medicines.

Simple, Indian style meals are included in accommodation price, but the most popular place to eat is the Western café at the ashram, serving healthy and fresh Indian and non-Indian dishes.

Patients staying at the hospital can walk over to the ashram to take their meals - or at the hospital’s own cafeteria serving only Indian, vegetarian food, as prescribed by the consultants. No outside food or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the hospital premises. Patients with particular diet needs will be accommodated here as well.

The hospital, which was inaugurated in 2004, is part of the Ayurvedic Research Centre promoting knowledge about ancient ayurvedic medicine and encouraging their implementation into modern medicine in India and abroad.

Another part of the Ayurvedic Research Center is the College of Ayurveda which offers undergraduate courses for the Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.

The hospital conducts a large number of health programs for the local community and providing the poor with access to health services.

For patients seeking Yoga as a form of exercise, it is possible to join for the Yoga at the ashram on two mornings a week. Apart from these lessons, courses to learn Amma’s I-AM-meditation technique are available on recurring dates.

To nourish the mind further, it’s worth checking out the hospital’s well-stocked patient library and immersing oneself into literature in the spacious reading room.

Internet access is provided per the hospital’s computers for patients. No wireless available. There is also an internet cafe at the ashram, but be prepared for waiting times and a limited online period of 30 minutes per client.

About The Area: southern Kerala

Amrita Ayurvedic Hospital is located in Southern Kerala, amidst the beautiful Kerala backwaters, a 10min walk across the bridge from the Amritapuri Ashram.

The two closest airports are Trivandrum (110 km south of Amritapuri) and Cochin (140 km north). International visitors may order an ashram taxi for airport pick up.

Amritapuri is operating all year. The sunniest and most pleasant time to visit Kerala is December to March, while June and July, as well as October and November get a lot of monsoon rain.

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Ayurveda offer
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Medical treatment
  • Ayurveda training courses
  • Meditation
  • Shop
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Ayurveda Lectures
  • Café
  • Airport Transfer
  • Internet/WLAN
  • Library
  • TV
  • Laundry Service
  • Nature
  • Western
  • Indian
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Individual diet
  • Single
  • Double
  • Shared
Price category
  • Moderate
What we love
  • Proximity to Amritapuri ashram with thousands of devotees residing or visiting there
  • Possibility of receiving Amma’s Darshan
  • Own herbal garden which spreads over five acres of land with more than 500 varieties of plants, including rare species
  • The classrooms within the buildings and the presence of the medical students, contributing to an air of cogitation
What to know
  • It is possible to stay at the hospital – or receive treatments here as an outpatient staying at Amma’s ashram. In any case, international patients have to register at the international office at the ashram prior to hospital check in.
  • When Amma is at the ashram, it gets very crowded here (and we mean crowded by Indian standards). If you plan to stay here, plan well in advance. Amma is in the ashram during August and September and frequently in December/January
  • When staying at the ashram, you will be excused from the Seva service (obligatory working contribution as selfless service) if you take panchakarma or other physically exhausting treatments
  • Full panchakarma course lasts 7 weeks (5 weeks of treatments and 2 weeks of essential rest and recuperation). Partial courses are possible, but a stay of 2 months to settle in before treatment starts is recommended.
  • The ayurvedic pharmacy offers a wide array of herbal medicines produced on site.
Why go
  • For some of the most established hospital care in Kerala
  • To combine physical healing with a spiritual practice
  • Part of fee for treatment will go into one of Amma’s humanitarian projects
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