Vaidyagrama upholds itself as a "healing village". Rather than being a vacation, it is a place of peace and rest for those seeking to heal from ailments and become well again. The entire experience, including the layout of the center, is such that, each guest receives the utmost of care and attention throughout their personalized program.

Being in close relationship with AVP Pathanjalipuri, the quality and standard of Ayurveda and care here is very high. The entire team at Vaidyagrama is dedicated to fulfilling the holistic Ayurvedic healing experience that this center is known for, with each Vaidya having a minimum of 15 years Ayurvedic experience. On offer are the traditional Ayurvedic healing treatments such as Panchakarma and Shirodhara, as well as personalized Ayurvedic medicines created as per the needs of each guest.

This newly built center is arranged in clusters of buildings. This beautifully designed layout embraces the Indian architectural science of Vasthu Shastra which is an aspect of traditional Ayurvedic philosophy, that true healing occurs when we are harmonious with our environment; it's this aspect of Ayurveda that makes it easy to feel a freshness in the atmosphere here. Its gardens are welcoming for walks, giving a complete sense of nature even though Coimbatore is conveniently located.

This classic design also fosters each guest's connection to their Vaidya for the duration of their stay. A Vaidya is a senior Ayurvedic Physician who is appointed to each "cluster" of buildings, overseeing the needs of the guests staying there. Each Vaidya, with two assistants, have no more than twelve patients at any given time which establishes a stress-free and well-looked-after experience for everyone.

Welcoming of Indians and foreigners alike, people travel from all over the world for the healing treatments offered here. To reach full benefit from the treatments, Vaidyagrama does recommend longer stays, typically fourteen days, or a stay that can be open ended. So do visit to relax and rejuvenate, without a pressing need to return to your home schedule.

Vaidyagrama not only proudly offers its hospital, but acts as a learning center as well. The center offers training for beginner students to advanced, in a fully supportive atmosphere for the authentic learner, both Indian and foreign. In the same light as their healing experience, the learning experience is offered by Vaidyagrama in a natural, stress-free, tailored manner. Each program is customized to serve the needs of the learning group, and run anywhere from three weeks, to six months or longer to really instill knowledge of the herbs and medicines, which are no doubt surrounding you in the grounds of the center.

Paying fine attention to detail, Vaidyagrama's efforts toward addressing personalized healing needs are threaded throughout one's entire experience. In this way, the eco-friendly surrounds of Vaidyagrama mirror its ethos, so that guests can feel at one with their environment, at rest and supported on an encouraging journey back to good health. Everything one experiences, sees, and tastes during their time at Vaidyagrama is placed there for a reason, serving a healing purpose. Nestled within this tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere are regular prayers and pujas which buoy the healing vibrations of this traditional yet modernly equipped, healing village. A true experience of Ayurveda in its purest form for those who genuinely seek its healing benefits with respect for its tradition.

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