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Five stars have been awarded to the hotel Parkschlösschen – welcome to Ayurveda deluxe! What used to be a town spa with a thermal spring, nestled in the picturesque vineyards of the Moselle, was later completely renovated according to Ayurvedic principles; and for over twenty years, this has been a unique Ayurveda centre combining maximum comfort with authenticity.

A team of European and Indian Ayurveda doctors work for the well-being of their patients, who can choose from different packages to suit their individual needs. Panchakarma, the classical Ayurvedic therapy, can be booked for 10 to 21 days and includes a variety of traditional oil and massage treatments. But there is also a week-long anti-stress program, and an eight day Liver-Detox-Program – even a one-day Ayurveda holiday.

The vegetarian Gourmet cuisine at the Parkschlösschen is a perfect complement to the treatment, providing delicious and beautifully arranged meals, mostly made of organic products.

The rooms and suites with their elegant design and high-quality furnishings were created as comfortable retreats; and guests will enjoy the beautiful thermal baths, also offering Yoga classes, workout facilities, and beauty treatments.
And here is what the centre has to say:

Ayurveda at the Parkschlösschen*****
Everything has an effect. Everything is Ayurveda.

Ever since 1993, we have been practising the world's oldest medical science of Ayurveda in a holistic, authentic, and exclusive way. The Parkschlösschen's entire wellness program with all its treatments and therapies is firmly grounded in the Ayurvedic healing principles dating back thousands of years. And our whole team – from Ayurveda doctor to Ayurveda therapist to Yoga teacher – lives and works by this holistic knowledge and thinking. Our approach is very unique in Europe. The Parkschlösschen was awarded 5 stars in 2003.

Authentic and medically sound
At the Parkschlösschen, set in the Jugendstil town of Traben-Trarbach in a quiet side valley of the Moselle, we work to restore a person's very own balance – with the help of the Ayurvedic art of healing. All our treatments and therapies are thoroughly grounded in 5000-year-old original knowledge and adapted in line with the requirements of our time. Our experienced Ayurveda doctors, who also have a background in Western medicine, ensure that every guest receives comprehensive individual care, and they are dedicated to fulfilling our top standards. Authenticity and high quality are key criteria: we carry out synchronised massages and seven of the most important Ayurvedic massages plus ten special applications, we provide separate treatment areas for men and women, and we adapt all therapies to our guests' individual needs. Far from a superficial wellness mentality, we practise Ayurveda according to the highest standards. While our main focus is on the Ayurvedic detoxification treatment "panchakarma", we also offer special programs for stress or weight reduction, short Ayurvedic holidays, and an innovative Ayurveda lifestyle coaching.

A quiet haven for body, mind, and soul
Picturesquely set among old trees in a park spread out over 11 acres, the little spa castle underwent elaborate and thoughtful restoration work in the 1990s, which was carried out in line with our philosophy that "everything is ayurveda". In 2008, another comprehensive renovation focused especially on the therapy area, the reception, and the lobby. Primary building materials used during reconstruction were natural ones, such as wood, slate, and marble. The water in the entire building is supplied by the nearby thermal spring. Our 58 rooms (15 junior suites, 30 double rooms, 13 single rooms) were carefully cleared from any harmful factors: all electrical wires received double coatings, and underground watercourses were shielded with marble screens.

Ayurvedic gourmet cuisine
Since its opening in 1993, the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen has been consistently putting Ayurvedic diet instructions into practice and adjusting them in the best possible way to suit our guests' individual needs. With detoxification treatments (panchakarma) at the heart of our therapies on offer, we provide mainly vegan cooking, and if requested, it can be exclusively vegan. We place particular value on fresh, preferably regional, and primarily organically-grown ingredients. The Parkschlösschen cuisine stands out because it is highly creative and very international. The Ayurvedic Sunday buffet with a large choice of vegetarian delicacies and regular workshops on Ayurvedic cooking held at our in-house training kitchen complement our range of culinary services.

A house suffused with healing
Not only our medical care, the healing treatments, the calming surroundings, and our excellent vegetarian gourmet cuisine are based on the ancient wisdom of the Ayurvedic art of healing. They are complemented by our various exercise and relaxation programs, a sauna, thermal and steam baths, areas for Yoga, gymnastics and cosmetics, a gym, as well as an ever-changing event program (e.g. daily Ayurveda lectures held by our experts), thus creating an all-round wholesome experience. Our long-time employees also contribute greatly to our success. They are not only experienced in applying Ayurveda, but they live by it, too. Our service team is happy to be available on a daily basis for any questions, consultations, or even personal conversations our guests might request.

The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen ***** is a unique haven for effective long-lasting Ayurveda treatments. Because everything has its effect – everything is Ayurveda.

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