Ayurvedapraxis Rostock


Right in the centre of Rostock, Dr. Kehnscherper and his team run a private practice dedicated to both Western orthopaedy as well as the traditional healing methods of ayurveda. The focus is on treating chronic illness, and this is exactly where the holistic approach of ayurveda has proven successful. A medical consultation with the ayurveda doctor or therapist will decide what therapies will be applied – on offer are a wide range of massages and manual therapies (e.g. two-hand, four-hand, foot, kalari, and marma massages) as well as shirodhara oil pouring, steam baths, constitution diagnosis, and diet counselling. Most of these applications can also be chosen for the purpose of prevention and relaxation, and that is why yoga and cosmetics are offered, too: maintaining one's health and overall well-being are key elements in the ayurveda system. If you are interested in the more intensive panchakarma treatment with its typical purification procedures, you can look forward to spending two weeks at the Baltic Sea. Stay at a seaside resort during autumn or spring and enjoy the professional treatments, ayurvedic cuisine, and daily yoga classes.

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  • Ayurveda training courses
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