Europäisches Institut für Ayurveda Medizin (EIFAM)


At the European Institute for Ayurveda Medicine (EIFAM) in Berlin, a sophisticated team of Ayurveda doctors and mainstream physicians offer Ayurvedic treatments as well as vocational training, while also working closely with renowned Indian partners towards better acceptance and accessibility of Ayurveda in Europe.

By means of an extensive initial consultation with one of the Ayurveda practitioners here, lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours, the underlying causes of a patient’s ill health are identified and the subsequent treatment or preventative measure determined, adjusted to fit the individual.

The classical panchakarma purification therapy (7, 14, or 21 days) is of course on offer, as well as treatments for specific diseases, especially chronic ones, including Ayurvedic herbal medicine, oil massages, diet consultation, but also Yoga and meditation.

A great opportunity to experience the healing effects of Ayurveda can be as an Ayurveda weekend, during which you will enjoy relaxing massages and gather a wealth of information on how to stay healthy.

EIFAM offers health care professionals a two-semester foundation course in Ayurveda medicine, with work placements in India and Germany, and has developed an innovative master’s program on complementary medicine in cooperation with the European University Viadrina. EIFAM is also involved with research and development regarding Ayurveda and works towards a vision of integrative medicine.

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