Araliya Ayurveda


A wellness holiday in Sri Lanka - set right in the middle of Berlin: indulge yourself in authentic ayurveda treatments at Araliya Ayurveda without having to travel abroad. A wide range of ayurvedic therapies is available here, such as two- and four-handed oil massages, marma and garshan massages, shirodhara, thermal therapies, herbal steam inhalations, herbal baths, cosmetic treatments as well as sensual flower baths. Feel free to mix and match, or choose one of the packages aptly named “Relaxation”, “Vitality”, “After Work”, or “Wellness Weekend” for several hours of pleasant pampering. All herbal oils used here are made in Sri Lanka from traditional recipes and pass through quality control in Germany. The intensive panchakarma therapy can be undertaken as a walk-in patient over the course of several days or weeks, and it includes a diagnosis of your constitution which will then determine the choice of massages, detoxification measures, herbal supplements, and diet consultations. In line with ayurveda’s holistic approach, Araliya Ayurveda also offers weekly yoga (for women, in a small group setting) and meditation (Buddhist Vipassana).

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Ayurveda offer
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Massages/rejuvenation/wellness
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • City
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