Oasis Ayurveda Villa am Park


Why travel far when you have authentic Ayurveda right on your doorstep - and at good value for money, too. At the Oasis Ayurveda Villa am Park, situated in the German spa town of Bad Orb, Ayurveda specialists from Sri Lanka provide traditional treatments to guests who can book a three-day to three-week holiday at this lovingly decorated hotel. The treatment process here is evidence to the fact that Ayurveda is much more than just wellness: it begins with a detailed diagnosis of your personal constitution and proceeds with an individually modified therapy including oil massages, herbal baths, inhalations, and other applications, all with the aim to prevent and counter disease. Nutrition is part of the holistic healing process as well, and the expert cooks prepare tasty Ayurvedic meals - easy to digest and with an overall harmonizing effect. Yoga classes are available, too, and then there is the old town and the beautiful Spessart countryside that can be explored on long walks. Those who still suffer from travel fever are of course welcome to book an Ayurveda holiday at the affiliated Oasis Ayurveda Beach Resort in Sri Lanka.

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  • Medical treatment
  • Panchakarma (Detox) cure
  • Massages/rejuvenation/wellness
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Internet/WLAN
  • TV
  • City
  • Western
  • Asian
  • Vegetarian
  • Single
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