The Indian Kitchen – A Treasure Trove of Healing Medicines

By Vishakha Moghe


It is quite discouraging to see how in India, the rich heritage passed down to us by our ancestors is being forgotten. There lies immense promise in adopting an ancient lifestyle with the use of limited resources thus reviving the degrading health status.

Since ages, the influence of Ayurvedic herbs and the medicines prepared from them has been quite strong in our country. The necessary resources to take care of a cold, cough, headache or indigestion were all readily available either in potted plants or in the open kitchen gardens. Rarely did our grandparents feel the need to visit a doctor because of their sound basic knowledge of the ancient system of medicine- Ayurveda.

Here are 3 powerful herbs for your kitchen garden that can be used as medicines:-

1. Tulsi (Basil)
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There is a reason why Indians worshipped the Tulsi plant in the past. It is the principle herb of Ayurveda and is often known as the “Queen of Herbs”. Apart from providing immense health benefits upon consumption, Tulsi (esp. the black variety) is considered as an effective adaptogen, natural substance that reduces stress just through its presence. Tulsi leaves and seeds play an important role in degenerative disorders like cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes and dementia.

2. Lemongrass

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Lemongrass is a chief herb that is known to reduce bad cholesterol levels by detoxifying the body. You can consume this daily in the form of tea by including other herbs like Tulsi and Brahmi along with other healing spices. It is extremely effective in treating cold, flu, allergies and cough. The oil prepared from lemongrass has been an age-old remedy for aching joints. What’s more, it’s a wonderful digestive, relieves stomach spasms, vomiting and kills bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

3. Brahmi

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Brahmi is well-known to be effective for all your hair problems like hair graying, hair loss. Brahmi is a memory booster, treats insomnia and has also revived lost memory in some cases of Alzheimer. What’s more! This herb is the most natural way to improve intelligence esp. in children. It is also an anti-aging, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant herb.

Do we need to tell you more on why you ought to have these magical herbs in your kitchen gardens? Why won’t your kitchen then be called a treasure trove of healing medicines?



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Vishakha is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga counselor and a passionate traveler. She lays emphasis on living a healthy life by nourishing the body and mind with wholesome and natural food, meditation and yogic techniques. An Indian at heart, she aims at propagating the goodness of the Indian culture across the seven seas and stimulating thoughts by creating a hunger for knowledge

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