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You are a Gem(stone)!

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Magenta Mood founder Rekha

In the last few years India has become somewhat of a second home to me. What began as a trip to satisfy my initial curiosity about the culture and an interest in the birthplace of the yoga I had been practicing for most of my life, turned into journey of immense richness, which has transformed many aspects of my personal and professional life.

On one of my first visits to India, I stayed in Pondycherry – a city in the south that has left a lasting impression on me. I vividly recollect the intense volume of a wild cacophony of sounds, the sweltering 45° heat in an overall chaos in the streets and on sidewalks, rendering a vibrant collage of impressions that was strange and overwhelming. This was a totally different world that was to be discovered in all its wonder only with a wide open heart and mind.

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One of my most significant experiences early on, was a visit to the Auroville Ashram, the famous human unity township experiment founded by Mirra Alfassa in 1968. It was here that I bought my first comprehensive treatise on Ayurveda. The word Ayurveda is a combination of the two Sanskrit words ayuh (lifespan) and veda (knowledge). It is the science of long life. The most interesting aspect of the book was the realization that Ayurveda, vedic astrology and yoga are actually integral components of a larger holistic system for achieving spiritual and physical health. As someone merely focused on teaching yoga, it meant that I had to broaden my approach, and I started studying these three disciplines in depth with my teachers in India and Berlin, eventually also counseling my students on proper lifestyle, diet and integration of body and mind for more harmonious living.

In the course of this, a deeper area of study became the Bhagavad Gita. A passage in this epic struck me as particularly profound. In typically blunt fashion, and so unlike western new age texts, it states that the struggle for survival is like finding ourselves in the middle of a battlefield where we must constantly defend ourselves against the assaults on our body, mind and psyche. It became clear to me that only a holistic defense which integrates Yoga, Ayurveda and astrology provides the protection we need and allows us to pursue a healthy life of wisdom and contentment.

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There is a lesser known, beautiful part of vedic astrology that very much appealed to me as a woman, because it includes something all of us girls can relate to: gemstones.

Vedic astrology holds that many physical and psychological illnesses have their roots in planetary influences. Like yantras and mantras, precious and semi-precious gemstones can be used to therapeutically mitigate these influences. You see where this is going, right? A spiritual girl’s dream come true!

Our main planetary influences are determined by our birthdates. And the planets are associated with stones as follows:

  • Sun – Ruby
  • Moon – Natural Pearl
  • Mars – Red Coral
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  • Venus – Diamond
  • Mercury – Emerald
  • Rahu – Hessonite Garnet
  • Ketu – Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye


This is the classical vedic correspondence between the major gemstones and the planets. Gem therapy follows the same logic as color therapy, but its effects are more pronounced. In order for the therapeutic effects to take hold, the stones must be worn on the body – jewelry is ideal for that, letting us heal while looking fabulous, so to speak. Best of all, It should also be noted that stones which do not have a therapeutic purpose for an individual, will not have a negative effects.

Hessonite smoky garnet silver Bracelet

At we have selected some choice handcrafted pieces from artisans in Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Udaipur and Kolkata, which are as beautiful as they are powerful.

Gemstone therapy is also part of my work as a vedic coach ( If you are curious, I can advise you on which stones are especially suitable for you, your constitution and your particularly planetary influences.


rekha-full-smallAbout Rekha
Rekha works as a vedic coach in Berlin. Using the tools of Ayurveda, yoga and vedic teachings, she is dedicated to helping her clients master tough situations in life and achieve sustainable positive change towards leading a fulfilling life. She is a mother of three, and a student of Tripureswari Nanda Tirtha in Kolkata.