Ayurvedafinder Recommends: Ayurvedic Summer Detox & Osho No Mind Meditation Retreat

Ulli Allmendinger (MSc. Ayurveda)

Restore, Renew and Regenerate Your Life and Health

May 31-June 6, 2015, Karakaya Wellness Retreat, www.karakayaretreat.com

Join us for this amazing opportunity to start the summer season with an Ayurvedic detox for your body and Osho No Mind Meditative Therapy for your mind. You will give your body & mind a break and explore your potential for dynamic health and healing.

During the cleanse, we will follow a Pitta-pacifying diet, with plenty of greens, sprouts, revitalizing juices as well as herbal elixirs. In addition, we will have a daily practice of Yoga every morning, working on detoxifying and regenerating vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and colon, as well as cleansing major nadis (subtle energy channels) in the body. While your body is cleansing with this beautiful Ayurvedic program, we will experience the 7-day-long “ Osho No Mind Meditative Therapy”, where we will take a journey of purifying our minds from the conditioned and habitual waves.

A contemporary Indian mystic, Osho designed meditative therapies specifically for modern people. And one of his most important meditative therapies is the ‚No Mind Meditation’. With this practice, we will by-pass the mind and get in touch with our core.

Will learn valuable tools for our mind and body on how to prevent and reverse disease, regenerate and renew, all while making new friends and exploring the beautiful nature and sea of the Bodrum peninsula.


Tools and Techniques to Renew, Restore and Regenerate Your Health:

  • – Ayurvedic Diet Changes to Obtain Optimal Health and Reverse Disease
  • – Hands-on Cooking Classes on Healthy Vegan and Gluten-free Detox Dishes
  • – Ayurvedic Power Foods and Cleansing Recipes
  • – Yoga Exercises that Heal and Renew Joints and Organs
  • – Meditative Exercises to Heal and Restore the Nervous System and Adrenal Glands
  • – Daily Ayurvedic Routines such as Tongue Scraping, Oil Pulling and Self-massage that keep you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Healthy
  • – Beside Osho No Mind Meditative Therapy you will experience of different meditation techniques everyday.


1100TL (400 Euro) + accommodation

Info / Registration
Call or email Ulli Allmendinger: info@ulli-ayurveda.com / +90 539 203 0422


About Ulli Allmendinger
Ulli Allmendinger (MSc. Ayurveda) is an Ayurvedic consultant, herbalist and Yoga therapist with a passion for cooking, Ayurvedic nutrition and AyurYoga Therapy. She has pursued her studies of Ayurveda in the US and India since 2003. In addition to being a graduate of Dr. Lad’s two-year, full-time program at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, she also holds a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Sciences from International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU) in Florida, USA. Even though she left behind a successful career as a journalist in New York City, Ulli still regularly contributes to and edits for publications such as Light On Ayurveda Journal (LOAJ). She currently serves on the board of Lale Magazine (IWI Publication) as their Health and Fitness Editor. Ulli own the health consulting company Ulli Ayurveda (www.ulli-ayurveda.com), and is also owner of Ulli’s Kitchen (www.ulliskitchen.sopsy.com), a line of gluten-free breads and treats to support gluten-free healthy living and optimal digestion. Ulli currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.


About Devi Eylem Çeliker
Two years after graduation from Mimar Sinan University Istanbul State Conservatory Ballet Department, she ended her active dance career. Since 2000, in addition to her physical works, spiritual works began to take place in her life and inevitably became a way of living for her. During this time she chose to proceed and deepen her understanding with Osho. Still she’s working as a professional pilates and adult bale instructor, and Usui Reiki Master. Also she spends certain times of the year in Greece. She’s organizing medidation groups, events and sessions both in Turkey and Greece. eylem@eylemceliker.com


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